“INSTANT Tuitions” is one of our brands that provide support lessons to students in most subjects offered at school from grade 8 to 12. Our tutors are qualified, experienced and registered with SACE. Parents and students can choose from individual, group or travel lessons. Over the years we have tutored students from the following schools: Crawford (La Lucia & North Coast), Northwood Boys, Northlands Girl’s, Oakridge, Greenbury Secondary, Crystal Point Secondary, Solvista Secondary, Havenpark Secondary, Woodview Secondary, Durban Girl’s College, Clifton & Danville Girl’s.

The focus of these classes will be to revise through the content that is tested in the NBT’s and outline different techniques of answering multiple choice questions. Students will be provided with revision notes and sample questions and the main focus will be to go through all the sample questions. The duration can last as long as 9 hours on a Saturday with tea and lunch breaks. All NBT preparation classes will be held either at offices in Umhlanga or Phoenix.

Revision classes will be conducted a week or two before an exam, revising the content that will be tested. These lessons will only be offered to groups, provided the group consists of a minimum of 5 students. Lessons will be conducted on a Saturday and the duration depends on the content to be covered. All revision classes will be held either at offices in Umhlanga or Phoenix.